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Salarium offers a line of biometrics that integrate seamlessly within our time solution.



A Range of Biometric Products

Integrate with our Time & Attendance module and synch in real time.

Salarium BM01

A wall mounted biomteric device that works with fingerprint and RFID for clock in and clock outs. Great for any indoor setting. The device has a separate power cord and can connect to the internet via wifi and LAN.

Salarium BM02

A rugged fingerprint biometric device. The BM02 is designed for outdoor and is IP65 rated for shock, water and dust proof. Perfect for construction and event companies. It can connect to the internet via wifi and SIM card.


A touchless biometric device FacePass uses cutting edge facial recognition technology to allows 5 employees to clock in and clock outs with their face. Even while wearing a mask. Connect to the internet through LAN, WIFI, and PoE. Optional body temperature scanner available.

FacePass Mini

All the same great features with the FacePass device but a small screen and lighter design. Perfect for indoor settings. Connect to the internet over LAN, WIFI and PoE.

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