Integrate Salarium with your existing
time-capture or biometric devices.

Salarium can seamlessly connect with virtually any digital time-capture system through CSV file uploads or API integration.



Connect Salarium to existing timekeeping systems

Salarium can be integrated with your company’s existing biometrics device or time-capture system. We will assist you in uploading your employees’ time data during your onboarding period so you can begin using the software. The system conveniently accepts employees’ attendance summary per day or their raw clock-in/clock-out data in CSV format.

Import time data to Salarium through API integration

Your company may opt for the application programming interface (API) integration option as well. Through this method, you can import either employee attendance or their clock-in and clock-out data. Salarium’s other modules (i.e. Payroll, Payout, etc.) will then use this data to generate reports, forms, payroll and more depending on which licenses you have.

Compatible with Salarium’s Payroll and Payout modules

Data imported is then used by Salarium to generate payroll, payslips government forms, and more as needed. Whether you are using one of our biometric devices or your existing time-capture system, Salarium’s Payroll and Payout modules work with the data you put in.

Time dispute features allow employees to file corrections

Once all relevant attendance data are imported, employees can readily use Salarium and all of its features. For instance, if there are manual errors or discrepancies in the time records uploaded into the system, they can make use of the Time Dispute feature to file the appropriate corrections. After that, administrators simply need to approve the requests.


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