Prevent disputes centered around
time records every payday.

Salarium has a system that helps prevent disputes centered around attendance and pay, saving you the trouble of having to deal with them yourself.



Automated employee attendance computation

Salarium automatically computes employee attendance based on clock-in and clock-out data. You may override time records and regenerate the attendance computation should it be required. As an administrator, you also have the option to “lock” an employee’s attendance summary so nobody else can edit the records before you their compute their attendance or salary.

View employee time logs in real-time

Your dashboard displays relevant attendance statistics in real-time. Right when you log in, you can view how many employees are present, absent, late or on leave at a glance. Navigating to the Attendance Computation tab also gives you a look at an employee’s expected shift, first clock-in, last clock-out, and the number of hours they worked.

Employees can file time dispute requests

Your employees can file a time dispute request from their ESS dashboard. They simply need to input the time record they wish to dispute and submit it to their assigned timekeeping administrators. Managers and supervisors, on the other hand, will receive a notification telling them that a file dispute request has been filed and awaiting their approval

Define your own approval workflow

Create your own approval workflow for time disputes filed by employees. With Salarium’s workflow automation feature, you can choose which employees you want a specific workflow to apply to. The system allows each workflow up to 8 approver levels and up to 3 approvers per each level.

Send messages to the requester

Salarium’s Time Dispute function has a Messages tab that can be used by the employees and administrators. While filing a time dispute request, both parties can use it to hash out the specifics of the request before being approved. The messages you send and receive are real-time and come with timestamps for your convenience.


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