Time-theft is happening in your company and you are paying for it.

Your employees might
be stealing from you.

Kessler International surveyed employees from the retail and service industry and 80 percent of them admitted to “time theft”. This includes using their personal phones while working, adding additional hours onto their timesheets (timesheet padding), not clocking out properly and “buddy punching”, the practice of punching in for an employee who is not at work.

This type of fraud might not seem like a big deal to those who steal a few minutes or hours per week, but if such a habit is not resolved, it can affect your bottom line as you might be paying more than you should.

Time is Money

If you have 100 employees and you are paying them 125 pesos per hour and each of them were an hour late once a month, then you are collectively overpaying 12,500 pesos per month or 150,000 per year!

That’s why it’s important to have a time and attendance management system installed in your company so the problems of absenteeism and time theft will no longer be a worry of yours.

So, how can Salarium help you oversee and manage your employees better?

Timekeeping Done Right!

Salarium has multiple methods for tracking attendance that works harmoniously together, giving your business the perfect timekeeping solution.

Centralized Time and Attendance

With Multiple Tracking Methods Time and Attendance Made Easier

With Salarium, employees can clock-in and clock-out using their mobile phones and laptops/desktops by using our Web-Bundy clock application. It comes with an IP restriction feature so you are sure that your employees are clocking in at the right time at the right place. Additionally, we offer biometric devices so you know your employees are present, and at exactly when they clock-in and clock-out with their fingerprint.

There are other tracking tools that Salarium offers such as Timesheet Management and Time Record Integration to make sure that the best timekeeping method works for your company with real-time visual reports as well.

Let Salarium help you manage and oversee your employees better.

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