Monitor your employees’ performance
for all projects and tasks.

Using Salarium, employees simply have to submit their timesheets every workday. The system records the number of work hours spent per project or task.



Submit timesheets for hour-based work

Employees working on specific projects or tasks can log the time they spent on each task on a per hour basis using Salarium’s timesheet submission tool. Employees also have the option to add multiple tags to their timesheet records so they are properly documented for reports and client billings.

Add multiple custom tags for all time logs

Salarium has an advanced tagging feature that allows users to add tags for clock-ins, clock-outs, and every activity in between. The system does not restrict the number of tags per entry on the timesheet so both employees and managers can see how much time is spent on which specific tasks.

Timesheets are subject to supervisor approval

Depending on the approval workflow, supervisors of certain levels can receive and approve timesheets sent by employees. The approval workflow is set up according to your company’s requirements and preferences. This way, only people with authority can approve and even override employees’ time records to ensure accurate attendance computation.


Extract tags on recorded work hours for reports

Salarium Time & Attendance allows administrators to extract the tags applied to employees’ recorded work hours. Export the tags used for project-based work to make reports on how employees spend their time and make client billing easier.