Do you have employees that are frequently late to work?

You are not alone.

According to a survey done by Careerbuilder, up to 29% of surveyed employees admitted that they were late at least once a month. That is an average of 3 out of 10 employees, 29 out of 100 employees, and so on.

There were more than 3,400 workers that participated in this nationwide survey, meaning that almost 1,000 workers were not starting work on time, and out of those numbers, 16% admitted that they were late each and every week.

This kind of tardiness probably exists in your company, but without a reliable attendance system, you might be losing more money and productivity than you think.

Centralized Time and Attendance

With Multiple Tracking Methods Time and Attendance Made Easier

With Salarium, employees can clock-in and clock-out using their mobile phones and laptops/desktops by using our Web-Bundy clock application. It comes with an IP restriction feature so you are sure that your employees are clocking in at the right time at the right place. Additionally, we offer biometric devices so you know your employees are present, and at exactly when they clock-in and clock-out with their fingerprint.

There are other tracking tools that Salarium offers such as Timesheet Management and Time Record Integration to make sure that the best timekeeping method works for your company with real-time visual reports as well.

Let Salarium help you manage and oversee your employees better.

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