Set up the hours in your company
and define your employees’ schedules.

Salarium helps you run your business more smoothly. Monitor attendance, create custom schedules and set the rules for tardiness.



Create unlimited schedules for your employees

Define the required working hours for your employees by group or individually. As a timekeeping administrator, you can create an unlimited amount of schedules and assign them to the employees under your company. Employees can view their schedules on their own calendars found on their own Employee Self-Service dashboards.

Establish tardiness rules and grace periods

Create your own rules on tardiness and their corresponding pay deductions, and determine which employees or departments they apply to. When you make a custom tardiness rule, you can also set up when the grace period starts and ends as well as how soon the pay deduction kicks in for employees who are considered tardy.

Add local, national and custom holidays

By default, the calendar allows you to view local and national holidays but you may also add custom holidays based on your business requirements. You can set select whether your custom holiday is a regular or special holiday, the exact date it will occur, if it is a recurring holiday, and which company locations are entitled to it.

Assign fixed, flexible or floating breaks

Depending on the shifts or schedules you selected for your employees, you can assign fixed, flexible or floating breaks to them. You also determine when their break starts and ends as well as their total break hours for each day. This feature is applicable to both day shift and night shift.

Export and download schedules for reports

Monitor your employees’ attendance and keep track of changes in their schedules. Using Salarium, you can filter the schedules based on schedule type, location, department and employee position before you export the file in CSV format. The report displays all relevant information from employee reference ID to their specific assigned schedules.



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