Enable your employees to clock-in
and clock-out using any device.

Salarium’s Web Bundy Clock captures
clock-in and clock-out data and allows
businesses to set their own IP restrictions.


Easily accessible on any PC and mobile device

Employees can clock-in and clock-out on virtually any device so long as they are connected to the internet. They simply need to log in to their Salarium accounts and use the Web Bundy Clock located in their ESS dashboard. Their clock-ins and clock-outs will be captured provided that they are within the IP address assigned to them.

No need to download or install separate apps

Salarium runs on most browsers for computers, smartphones, and tablets, making it convenient for employees clock-in and clock-out on the go. Whatever operating system your device runs on, you can access your Salarium account via your preferred web browser. There’s no need to download or install third-party apps onto your device.

salarium web bundy

Ensure everyone logs in or out at the right place

Salarium’s IP fencing capabilities have significantly improved in v3.0. Specific IP restrictions can automatically be applied to employees depending on their shift location. An IP address can now be tied to a location, which will then be tied to an employee’s shift to make sure that employees only clock-in and clock-out at the right location.

Add custom tags to your clock-in and clock-out

Salarium has the most robust and efficient time tagging system in the Philippine market. Employees can add multiple tags for locations, projects, tasks or any other relevant detail every time they clock-in or clock-out. This makes it easier for timekeeping administrators to extract the data they need for attendance reports and client billing.

View clock-in and clock-out details for the day

Salarium allows administrators to view at a glance information about employee attendance for the day right on their dashboards. Check login and logout times for every shift, see which employees came in late, and quickly look up which employees are on leave. You may also view more in-depth attendance records for each employee via Attendance Computation.