Choose from a variety of
biometric devices to meet
your time tracking needs.

Our biometric devices are our most secure timekeeping method. Attendance data gathered is delivered to the software instantaneously.


Biometric devices to fit your requirements

Our biometric devices are directly linked to Salarium’s Time & Attendance module. Salarium I/O BM-02 is a mounted Android biometric device with a built-in capacitance fingerprint scanner that supports TruSafe fingerprint identification⁠—ideal for door access. Salarium I/O BM-03 is a more durable IP65 and Android capacitance fingerprint scanner that's portable or can be wall-mounted. Choose which one suits your business.

Hassle-free device installation and integration

All biometric devices provided by Salarium work on a plug-and-play basis and are ready-to-use after successful integration. As part of your onboarding, our Implementation Specialists will conduct a technical audit, help you activate the device, connect it to Salarium Time & Attendance, test it, and train you in using the device.


Several options for internet connectivity

Salarium’s biometric devices support Wi-Fi, 3G, and local area network (LAN) to maintain connectivity anytime, anywhere. This is our way of ensuring that your employees can still clock-in or clock-out through our biometric devices without issue in case of internet connection problems. Attendance data captured is then seamlessly sent to Salarium Time & Attendance.


Biometric data is synced in real-time

Because our biometric devices are fully integrated with our Time & Attendance module, attendance data are sent instantaneously to the system. This means that timekeeping administrators, managers or other employees that have the right level of access can see clock-ins, clock-outs, and other relevant data in real-time.


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