Transparent timekeeping
anytime, anywhere

Salarium’s time and attendance fits
any company big or small.

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Capture all you clock-ins and clock-outs how you need


Salarium has a range of biometric devices that allow for automatic syncing with Salarium. The devices are plug and play requiring no extra servers, switches, cables or IT maintanence.

Web & Mobile App

A mobile and web app that allows you to track time and attendance anywhere your team works, whether from the home or office. IP whitelisting allows you decide where work can happen. Team members can log project time with our tags feature.


Salarium's timesheet tool allows you to enable employees and contractors to submit timesheets with project hours logged. These timesheets can go through an approval workflow with multiple layers for your operations.

Time Record Integration

Integrate existing biometric devices and systems through our time import feature. API access can be used to link up any API driven software for time in and time out.

Flexible Scheduling that Maches your Business

Salarium's scheduling module is flexible enough to allow any business small or large to create custom schedules and shifts. With multiple options to create and plan your business based on your rules.

Create Your Custom Leave Credits and Conversions


Your company leave policy online

Salarium allows for custom leave rules. Working in either hours or days, Salarium gives you the ability to set accrual and conversion rules based on your requirements, whether simple or complex.

National, Local & International Holidays

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Create and set custom holidays

Create and manage custom holidays. Create new holiday types and assign them to either the whole company or just a specific location. Manage local holidays in the Philippines with ease.

Make time Dispute a thing of the past

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Tired of having payday disputes

Time dispute causes HR to recalculate payroll and employees to miss receiving full pay. Prevent time dispute with Salarium's time dispute prevention. Allow Employees to file corrections and process these through a custom workflow.

Employees file their own time corrections

Employees and Contractors can access their timesheets anytime. If there is something they feel is incorrect, they can file a time correction directly on the timesheet. This can go through a custom workglow based on your business rules.