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Salarium’s time and attendance fits any company big or small.

Time & Attendance

Efficiently record clock-ins and clock-outs
according to your requirements

Flexible scheduling module for businesses of all sizes, with customizable options
for creating and managing shifts according to unique rules and regulations.

Customize your Timekeeping

The Time & Attendance module offers extensive customization options to perfectly align with your business's unique requirements. Create a new custom leave or holiday setting and assign it to the whole company or just a specific group or location.

Custom schedules & shifts

Unlimited custom leave settings

Unlimited custom holiday policy

Define and tailor company specific policies

IP Fencing to ensure employees can clock-in within their IP address range.


Time Sheets & Web Clock-ins

Salarium's timesheet tool allows you to enable employees and contractors to submit timesheets with project hours logged. These timesheets can go through an approval workflow with multiple layers for your operations.

Sign in and out using a web bundy clock

Attendance Generation

Role based access

IP Fencing to ensure only users within designated IP address ranges can manage time-related information.

Special file corrections with a custom workflow


Salarium has a range of biometric devices that allow for automatic syncing with Salarium. The devices are plug and play requiring no extra servers, switches, cables or IT maintanence.

Choose from a range of biometric devices

Real time Synching

Easy to integrate API


Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS helps your business manage time and attendance by allowing employees and contractors to easily access and update their timesheets, while providing a custom workflow to ensure accuracy and prevent time disputes.

Choose from a range of biometric devices

Real time Synching

Easy to integrate API

Choosing Salarim is the best decision we made. We can now process payroll and disbursement in ONE day! No strenuous timekeeping monitoring as we are updated in an instant.

- Frances Camille De Vera

Finance Head & Administrator

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