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Counteroffers: To Pitch or Not to Pitch?

A lot has been said about counteroffers. Some say it’s a knee-jerk reaction: a mechanical and reckless response to a top employee’s resignation that a number of companies are guilty of. nike air max 2016 soldes Employees, on the other hand, are often warned never to take a counteroffer, lest they fall victim to the ultimate kiss of death for their careers. adidas yeezy boost Accepting a counteroffer means accepting the stigma that comes with it; once you’re [...]


Strategic Workforce Planning: Factors and Tips to Consider

Great employers don’t rely on luck in finding and keeping the right talent. bottes ugg pas cher Instead of leaving things to chance, they spend huge amounts of resources in hiring and retaining excellent people. basket nike The best products and services, after all, can only come from the best workforce. adidas chaussures Get the wrong crowd on board, and your sales will surely suffer. Chaussures Adidas Casting the dream team requires money, reputation, and most of [...]