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What You Need to Know About The Role of The HR Manager

Imagine you are hired as the new HR manager of your company. adidas zx 500 Kanken Mochilas Congratulations! But this new role didn’t come to you lightly. The previous HR manager, Fernan Bautista, was let go by the board because of an incident that started with Lily Santos. Lily is the company’s compensation and benefits specialist. She is one of the company’s most trusted and reliable employees. Lily has been in the company for six years, starting off [...]


Top 7 Tips to Promote Diversity and Equality in the Workplace

Promoting diversity and equality has never been more significant in today’s business landscape. Kanken No 2 If you want to remain competitive and be able to attract as well as retain brilliant people then having policies in place for diversity and equality is a no-brainer. timberland soldes Kanken Mochilas nike blazer More than that, having a diverse workforce shows how committed the company is to ethical issues. Here are some ways companies can do to promote diversity and [...]


How to establish valuable performance objectives for your employees

Your organization’s performance depends on how well your employees do their job. Setting your employees’ performance objectives could point your company to the right direction. How do you know if your company is performing well? Some leaders would say, “through profits”. asics kinsei But the answer isn’t as simple as that. Any company looking to raise performance can seek ISO certification. fjallraven kanken The International Standards Organization (ISO) judges a company’s performance based on set criteria. One of those criteria [...]