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Eliminate Your Employees’ Repetitive Payroll Questions With an FAQ Page

You have mail! You click on the new email, skim through the words, and alas, left with payroll questions you’ve seen for the nth time. “Payday is on the weekend. When will I receive it then?” You sigh and type in your answer. Message sent. A few minutes after, the phone rings. Fjällräven Kånken You get another question from an employee who wants to know when will he be receiving his holiday pay. You sigh internally but answer the question nonetheless. The day ends [...]


Getting a Salary Raise from HR and Management

Any working person will be in a situation wherein he is doing more than what he was originally hired for. Whether he assumes the role of his line manager, or he is bringing in more business and money to the company, there will come a time when a certain salary grade no longer does justice to one’s value in the company. When that time comes, here are a few things to consider before rushing towards HR and Management to [...]