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Managing Employees from Different Generations

Differences in background can sometimes lead to conflict. This principle is an inescapable reality in life, and is all the more pronounced and unavoidable when it comes to the workforce. chaussures ugg pour femme Enter the problem of the ‘Generation Gap’. basket adidas zx flux Fjallraven Kanken mini Loosely defined, the generation gap refers to differences of opinion, values and beliefs between people of different generations. To give a simple differentiation between the three generations, Baby Boomers are [...]


Telecommuting and Work from Home Policies

Telecommuting, otherwise known as remote work, is a work arrangement where employees do not need to go to the office to get work done. asics gel lyte 3 This may sound like quite a radical change on the part of the employer, who seemingly has no supervision or control over the working hours of his employees. However, telecommuting is actually quite a beneficial setup for some offices if the proper policies and groundwork are laid out. If your [...]


Preventing Office Cliques

Eden Sher, an American actress, said once, “I remember the general anxiety of teenager, and I remember establishing some sort of appearance based on what my peers would think. And cliques, oh my God, the worst. The worst!” This quote may seem out of place, but, guess what? Cliques thrive even in the workplace! If you think groupings are a thing of the past, think again because according to a study by CareerBuilder, 43% of people interviewed say that [...]