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How To Write A Job Description That Gets Amazing Results

Having a hard time filling positions in your company? Honey has the same problem. She’s been struggling to recruit business development people for a couple of months now. chaussure timberland pas cher Since she’s part of an ecommerce startup, her goal is to get the best people onboard to grow the company faster. She’s already reached out via email, LinkedIn, and job boards. But she’s noticed they aren’t getting the best response from their job ads. People aren’t reply [...]


What You Need to Know About The Role of The HR Manager

Imagine you are hired as the new HR manager of your company. adidas zx 500 Kanken Mochilas Congratulations! But this new role didn’t come to you lightly. The previous HR manager, Fernan Bautista, was let go by the board because of an incident that started with Lily Santos. Lily is the company’s compensation and benefits specialist. She is one of the company’s most trusted and reliable employees. Lily has been in the company for six years, starting off [...]