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Digital Trends That Are Changing The HR Industry

There’s no doubt about it: HR is going digital. asics gel lyte In the recently held Philippine HR Congress, HR leader, businessman, and bestselling author Roger Collantes talked about how technology has gained traction in the industry in the past few years, and how it has given rise to the need for “digital HR leaders.” This new breed of HR leaders embraces technological trends with skyrocketing levels of agility and adaptability. They want accuracy, but are unwilling to [...]


Strategic Workforce Planning: Factors and Tips to Consider

Great employers don’t rely on luck in finding and keeping the right talent. bottes ugg pas cher Instead of leaving things to chance, they spend huge amounts of resources in hiring and retaining excellent people. basket nike The best products and services, after all, can only come from the best workforce. adidas chaussures Get the wrong crowd on board, and your sales will surely suffer. Chaussures Adidas Casting the dream team requires money, reputation, and most of [...]


HR Trends in 2016

HR has been an emerging force in the workplace within recent memory. asics whizzer Gone are the days of a purely customer-centric approach; now more than ever, companies are realizing the value of nurturing and investing in its employees towards company success. fjallraven rucksack To quote Karen May, Google’s Vice President of People Development: “Imagine a world where most organizations were the best place to work. Imagine what we could be getting done on the planet if it were [...]