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Help Employees Achieve Their Full Potential With A Performance Improvement Plan

Have you ever heard of the Grumpy Manager’s tale? Let me tell you all about him. There was once an edgy manager who used to shame some of his staff when they made mistakes. Mr. Grumpy Manager, doesn’t realize that these people could actually be top-performers some day. Mochilas Kanken Mini But they lacked proper motivation, coaching and training. chaussure nike pas cher He does not realize this fact because he doesn’t pay close attention to their needs. He acts [...]


360 Degree Feedback for Employees

One of the latest methods for development and critique of employees is through “360 degree feedbacks” or “360 degree assessments.” According to CustomInsight.com, a 360 Degree Feedback is a system in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from their co-workers and managers. Questions regarding workplace competencies and behaviors are asked, and the worker rates himself and is rated by his peers as well. The sample size is usually around 8-12 people, which is broad enough to cover substantial points [...]