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Separation Pay vs Final Pay: What’s the Difference?

Talking to outgoing employees about final and separation pay can be quite tricky. A lot of people don’t know that there’s a difference between the two, so you’ll first have to identify which of them you should discuss. If an employee is entitled to both, you may have to distinguish one from the other. Doing so demands ample knowledge of the laws on salary and wages, something that we HR leaders are expected to have. Kanken Big So how [...]


Closing the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap still exists, and, as leaders and people managers, we have one of the biggest stakes in closing it. The fact that women have yet to earn as much as men keeps us from building a stronger workforce. It ushers in a host of problems we work hard to avoid every day: unnecessary turnover, skill shortages, missed opportunities for business growth, and even a bad rap among young and driven jobseekers. The Philippines holds a reputation [...]


The Most Important Employee Rights at the Workplace

Ruby works at one of the many call centers in Metro Manila. Her monthly salary is 7,500 pesos or 288.46 pesos per day for every 26 working days. adidas messi Her fellow office worker Daryl gets 8,000 pesos a month. Compared to what he receives, Ruby’s salary is not much to provide for her three children’s needs. nike air max 1 Both might not know that the daily minimum wage in Metro Manila is actually 481 pesos. Also, Ruby [...]