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Who Are Ghost Employees? 6 Ways to Protect Your Company from Them

We know a business is vulnerable when it has ghost employees. fjallraven kanken rucksack Their presence tells of lapses in management and payroll processing. Buy Blade and Soul Gold They represent your employees’ lack of regard for fraud and security policies. In HR, we take ghost employee scandals very seriously. How can you claim you’re managing people well enough when you don’t even know if some of them really exist? Who are ghost employees? Simply put, ghost employees are [...]


Solve Recurring Employee Attendance Issues with Payroll Automation

Growing your business can be very challenging when you have employee attendance issues. Kanken Mini Here’s a quick story about how a BPO company learned that the hard way. After passing up on the chance to upgrade to a less tedious payroll system, the company started facing one problem after another. Two months after, they discovered that there are still at least 10 former employees receiving their full monthly salaries. Apparently, those 10 employees were still tagged as “Active” on [...]