secured encrypted data access
highly secured encryption


At Salarium, security is our priority and it is non-negotiable. We employ industry standard RSA 2048-bit data encryption using SSL certificates with TLS 1.2 network protocol. By using these standards, we ensure that any data being transferred across the network is secured and remains secure when it reaches its destination. Data is secured in the storage (data-at-rest) and during transmission to the cloud (data-in-flight). We use SSL certificates to increase confidence that the connection between Salarium and our customers is trusted. These standards prevent data from being hacked.

We continue to enhance our security monitoring capabilities. In the upcoming months, it will cover active monitoring and response, to defend against threats, intrusions and attacks, 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.

daily backup


Salarium performs full and secure backups once a day through our automated infrastructure. In case of any disaster or unfortunate event, we always keep 30 days worth of your data as back-up for recovery, enabling your business to be up and running in no time. It ensures data is available and reliable in the event of data corruption or loss, accidental or not. Apart from being highly available, all your data is kept secure through data encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

We have tested different business continuity scenarios to ensure data availability in any event a disaster occurs.

secured daily backup
compliant privacy law
compliant privacy law


Data privacy laws and regulations provide the legal framework for the safe handling, processing and storage of information about natural persons. Various laws around the world provide rights to individual information owners allowing them control over who is using their data and how. In the Philippines, Salarium has aligned itself with the guidelines of Republic Act 10173 or the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012. As a company registered with the National Privacy Commission, our goal is to safeguard the fundamental human right of every individual to privacy while ensuring free flow of information, facilitating innovation, and contributing to national growth and development. We have adopted generally accepted international principles and standards for personal data protection. From implementing a robust software platform, following security procedures, to applying various technical solutions, we strive to keep our customers' data safe while delivering effortless payroll and secure payouts.


Empower your employees to manage and control specific employee and payroll information through Salarium RBAC. It adds another layer of security by limiting disclosure of available data unrelated to a user’s role. RBAC prevents or decreases the risk of sensitive information being leaked to unauthorized personnel such as payroll information, financial reports, or confidential employee information.

Salarium RBAC not only provides standard or predefined roles like common payroll software providers in the industry but offers complete custom RBAC roles. The Custom RBAC (CRBAC) feature is available to enable you to create and assign custom roles among your employees in a more detailed manner.

rbac security policies