Do you spend hours of time monitoring and computing attendance?

Our Time & Attendance module tracks employee time no matter how or where they work

Clock in methods tailored to your needs

Salarium’s time solution allows for employees to clock in and out in a variety of ways

Employees may clock in and out of their phones, use biometrics, submit timesheets for approval, and even link up to existing time systems.

Monitor employees time and attendance with Timesheets

Did your employees forget to clock in today?

No problem.

Salarium’s time sheets can help with that.
With timesheets, employees can log in their time or worked hours and even tag hours later.

Time monitoring in the cloud

Keep tabs on your employees’ attendance status in real time

Salarium’s very own biometric payroll software, SAL Clock In, provides HR with accurate reports on employees’ attendance.

SAL Clock In comes with many great benefits:

Always stays up-to-date with your employees setup in Salarium
Synchronizes time-tracked data via 3G, WiFi, or LAN to your account
Secures clock-ins with our biometric verification methods

Avoid buddy-punching with our reliable fingerprint verification method. Enrolling a fingerprint only takes a few seconds. This method gives you added security and assurance that none of your employees will clock in or out on any other employee’s behalf.

Whether its government contributions or deductions based on tardiness or unexcused absences, our system will ensure that all these factors are taken into account

Assign and remember your employees’ extra pay

Salarium automatically calculates all the complex formulas for commission schemes, bonuses, and allowances. No more need for manual computing and checking

Use one of our secure & biometric attendance tracking devices.


High Performance

Fast Performance Sensor

Very Durable

Latest Android Version

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Highest Performance

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Time and Attendance Features

Leave Management

Add and customize employee leaves on top of the ones already provided by law


Identify the respective daily work hours schedule for general or person-specific shifts, and manage employee tardiness.

Time Entry

Establish the way your employees will clock in: via a passcode, fingerprint sensor, or facial recognition.


View all Philippine holidays and pre-identify your company-specific holidays that will affect your payroll.

Eliminate Time Disputes

Easily discuss and manage time discrepancies with your employees before you generate payroll

Approval of Leaves

Employees can use the system to file a request for any of your pre-identified leaves, and may be approved or rejected by the designated person/s you specify.

Approval of Overtime

Employees can use the system to request to work overtime , and may be approved or rejected by the designated person/s you specify.

Timesheet Tags

Use timesheets to record attendance and track performance on projects with tags

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