SAL Pay is a simple, safe, and secure way to pay employees

An ATM Mastercard paired with an e-wallet.

SAL Pay provides the best solution for paying employees

SAL Pay is directly linked to the computation of payroll, only allowing the exact net pay of an employee to pushed through to disbursement without the need of additional manual checking. Never miss-pay employees again.

Quick and hassle-free salary disbursement

With just a few clicks, you can easily enroll employees into SAL Pay, ATM Cards can be delivered in as few as 3 days.

Say goodbye to tedious bank transfers with SAL Pay. Once your employees have enrolled for a SAL Pay card, all it takes is just one click to verify your payroll then send them their salaries directly from the web.

Built with security as one of the top priorites

Security is non-negotiable for SAL Pay. It is secure enough to prevent fraud during and after salary disbursement processing.

With a solid partnership with MasterCard, SAL Pay was developed to be the fastest, most secure disbursement and e-wallet in the Philippines.

Why your employees will love getting paid with SAL Pay

With our mobile payments app SAL Pay.

SAL Pay redefines the processing of salary disbursement with its easy and swift execution. It also provides access to many convenient benefits that they can avail of through their MasterCard or directly from the SAL Pay app.

Shop online and anywhere in the world

Accessibility at its finest.

You may use your SAL Pay Mastercard to pay for your purchases and withdraw money from ATMs almost anywhere in the world.

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