Payroll Software with Role-Based Access Control


Empowering employees to manage and control specific payroll information, depending on their job function and responsibility, helps improve employee productivity and efficiency. Businesses with employees deployed in multiple locations, whether working in the office or from home, or employees managing multiple departments will benefit the most in applying this approach. To ensure that the right information is given to the right person, access restriction should be implemented. In order to realize its benefits such as payroll management of multi-site employees with access restrictions, companies should consider a secure, cloud-based payroll system with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature. The RBAC feature enables companies to grant access or permission to a set of information per role. A Payroll Software with RBAC is a powerful system only offered by enterprise-grade payroll software solution providers.

Salarium offers comprehensive, cloud-based, end-to-end payroll solutions from touchless time and attendance to secure payout. It includes the recently released Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature as part of the feature set of Salarium version 3 suite, at no extra cost.

Salarium Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature allows the company to assign user permissions to specific roles defined by the company. This feature protects sensitive information from being modified by users without the necessary access permissions.

Roles are determined by several factors such as job function, responsibility, and level of authorization. Each role is assigned or given sets of permissions that grant access to authorized users. This ensures users can only access information and system components relevant to the job function. In Time & Attendance and Payroll Systems, users may be given access to an employee record, attendance, and payroll information.

rbac is important for any enterprise securing their data


Data is the most important asset in any enterprise. All systems available in the market, hardware or software, enforce a certain level of security to protect data. As data grows, security around it needs to get tighter.

RBAC plays a big role in securing data in the enterprise. Implementing RBAC adds another layer of security by limiting disclosure of available data unrelated to a user’s role. It prevents or decreases the risk of sensitive information leakage such as payroll information, financial reports, or confidential employee information.

RBAC eliminates instances of data manipulation or modification. Restrictions prevent users without the proper authorization to manipulate or modify data that will lead to inaccurate output or worse deleted information.

Salarium recognized the need for this additional layer of security in payroll information. This need together with Salarium’s drive to continuously innovate led to the development and integration of the RBAC functionality in Salarium version 3 suite.

Salarium RBAC offers predefined and custom RBAC roles, adding flexibility and the opportunity for the enterprise to designate roles based on job responsibilities further securing access to data.