A complete payroll system with everything you need

Salarium is an end-to-end solution for time, attendance, and payroll

A payroll platform to save you time and stress

Three powerful modules for companies big and small

Time & Attendance

Track attendance of employees in real time through any device


Automatically calculate payroll for 1,000s of employees in minutes


Link disbursement to payroll and pay employees in just a few clicks

Time dispute is eating your time

90% of HR waste time arguing with emplyoees over attendance – that’s why we help you eliminate time disputes before payday

Check out how time dispute revolutionizes the process

Generate payroll in seconds

Computing for salaries is just one click away.

Salarium’s system allows for payroll to be in a ready state at any time, so when it comes time to compute with a few clicks and a few seconds the entire process is completed


Time tracking without limits

Keep track of all your employees’ attendance in one platform

Salarium has developed its own series of biometric devices that work over wifi, LAN, and 3G/4G networks anywhere in the world. Time gets automatically synced to our cloud server wherever attendance happens.


Register and pay employees in 1 click

Enroll employees in SAL Pay in 1 click and disburse salaries directly from payroll computation

Say goodbye to tediously setting up employees with bank accounts. SAL Pay lets you enroll employees in 1 click and have their ATM card delivered in a few days. Secure and safe, SAL Pay is the next era of banking.


Employees are one tap away

Empower your employees with the Employee Self Service (ESS)

With the ESS, not only can your employees receive updates on payroll, they can easily request  for leaves, overtime, and loans. Likewise, you can keep track of your employees’ requests and monitor its status for approval.

Product features

Leave Management

Add and customize employee leaves on top of the ones already provided by law


Identify the respective daily work hours schedule for general or person-specific shifts, and manage employee tardiness.

Time Entry

Establish the way your employees will clock in: via a passcode, fingerprint sensor, or facial recognition.


View all Philippine holidays and pre-identify your company-specific holidays that will affect your payroll.

Eliminate Time Disputes

Easily discuss and manage time discrepancies with your employees before you generate payroll

Approval of Leaves

Employees can use the system to file a request for any of your pre-identified leaves, and may be approved or rejected by the designated person/s you specify.

Approval of Overtime

Employees can use the system to request to work overtime , and may be approved or rejected by the designated person/s you specify.

Expense Management

Employees can file expenses and attach pictures of receipts for approval, once approved amounts are credited to employees

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