Payroll should never cost more than bookkeeping

SAL Payroll

with SAL Pay disbursements

50 Php monthly per employee


SAL Time


  • Timesheet Management
  • Web Bundy Clock
  • Tardiness Monitoring
  • Leave Management
  • Multiple Time Entry Methods
  • Tardiness Monitoring
  • Time Dispute Management
  • Leave and Overtime Approvals
  • Scheduling

SAL Payroll


  • Payroll Generation (includes 13th month pay, bonuses, commissions, allowances, deductions, and annualization.)
  • Government forms and bank files
  • 201 Files Management
  • Automated Approval Process
  • Payroll Register



  • Instant salary disbursement
  • Employee accounts are linked to their SAL Pay ATM Card
  • SAL Pay Mobile app to conveniently check balance and transactions
  • Purchase of prepaid load feature
  • Instant micro loans from BSP approved lenders
  • Money transfer from SAL Pay to a any bank accounts

Get more value for your money by availing the SAL Pay Payroll package which includes the entire Salarium payroll suite.


Try it now and choose later


Pay your employees with ease through SAL Pay.

SAL Pay unifies payroll & disbursements.

Your corporate funds, your payroll system and your employee’s payroll cards finally work together effortlessly when using Salarium & SAL Pay.  We’ve designed our disbursement solution from the ground up to work perfectly with our payroll system.

Just disburse salaries instantly to your employees wallets with our payments app SAL Pay. Offering additional convenience to your employees.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in Salarium?

Your Salarium subscription includes the SAL Time module, which tracks time and attendance, the SAL Payroll module, which processes your payroll and SAL Pay, which is our salary disbursement method and personal payments app for your employees.

In which countries is Salarium available?

Salarium is currently only set up in the Philippines and is not yet usable for calculating payroll for other countries due to different employee and tax regulations in each country. We are looking to expand to other countries in the future.

Do you help managing our payroll as a service?

No, we only offer our software as a service. Our online based payroll & HR software helps you optimize and automate your processes. You will need to enter your company and employee details, after which payroll generation during pay day is as easy as clicking a button.

Can I use Salarium as a small business?

Yes, Salarium would be perfect for small businesses.  There is no minimum amount of employees required to use Salarium.

Can I control who’s able to disburse salaries?

Yes, you can have multiple admins managing your payroll. These must currently be admins of your account.

SAL Pay Corporate Account Users can do the following:

  • Load funds into the account wallet
  • Disburse funds from the account wallet
  • View the account’s transaction history
  • Link a SAL Pay Corporate Account to a company
  • Unlink a SAL Pay Corporate Account from a company

How can I pay? Can I pay upfront for several months?

Salarium charges a monthly fee of $5 for every active user at the end of your monthly payment cycle. It is currently not possible to pay upfront.

Is Salarium available offline as an app?

No, Salarium is cloud-based, so you will need an internet connection to access Salarium.

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