Pay your employees
safely and quickly

Salarium integrates together with SALPay giving one of a kind
end-to-end payroll to disbursment

Satisfied employees salpay mobile app

SALPay links disbursement directly to payroll through API


Nothing downloaded, nothing uploaded

Secure payouts through SALPay ensure that payroll information isn't tampered with during disbursement. Payroll is linked to SALPay via a secure API, with controls on access and an audit trail. Salarium's method ensure payroll can't be changed one centavo more or less from closed pay.

SALPay is cash card paired with an e-wallet

Salarium Payroll Software convenient and secure disbursement: SALPay electronic wallet

Debit Visa Accepted Worldwide

SALPay's Visa card is accepted worldwide at over 100,000+ merchants. Connected to Bancnet in the Philippines, employees can quickly access their funds with 0 to minimal charges for ATM use. Custom cards can be created to allow companies to express their employer branding.

SalPay is financial healthcare for your employees


SALPay cash card and e-wallet: e-banking

SALPay users can easily keep track of all their icnome and expense with their wallet app. View monthly spending and understand your habits.

Bills Payment

SALPay cash card and e-wallet: online bills payment

Make bill payments to over 150+ bill operators directly from within the app. No need to stand in long lines for telephone and electricity bills anymore.

Easy Cash Out

SALPay cash card and e-wallet: ATM cash withdrawal and bank transfer

SALPay is connected to Instapay and Pesonet and allows users to quickly send funds to any of the supported partners and e-wallets whenever they want.

Game credit and e-load

SALPay offers game gredits and mobile load to over 100 different providers including all the major telco networks and e-games providers. Get 1 to 1 cost on game credits, special offers and cash back rewards.

Financial Solutions

Users can access credit solutions when they opt in to SALPay loans. Accredited lending solutions are available with simple one click application process.

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