Payroll as simple as
pushing a button

Salarium’s payroll system can take
the stress of payroll and make it disappear

Easy payroll process

Create Payroll Based on your Unique Business


Create Payroll Groups

Define as many custom payroll groups as you want. Each payroll group allows you to set the day factor, hour factor and payroll calendar. Use payroll groups to secure payroll data or process different pay cycles.

Add Additional Income

Whether using the 13th month bonus or creating additional items for your team, Salarium has you covered. Create unlimited number of additional income items. Set their tax limit and run them together with payroll or on special pay runs.



Have unlimited allowances for all of your payments. Create these allowances then apply them to team members. Manage granular control on the awarding of these allowances based on attendance criteria.

Get the Output you need from Payroll

Reports for Finance and Operations

There are four main outputs to Salarium's payroll process. The general ledger for finance and accounting. The Government reports, payslips, and disbursement instructions for the bank.

Produce, Send, and Track Payslips

payslips reports

Salarium's payroll software let's you generate payslips for regular or special pay runs. Each payslip is broken down clearly for the employees to understand how their pay was computed. Track payslip receipt through our employee self service portal.

  • Generate payslips with year to date information
  • Track receipt through employee portal
  • View payslip reports to see who is viewing

Generate Regular and Special Payroll

Payroll in a few clicks

Generate payroll for ten or one thousand in employees in just a few clicks. Salarium's powerful payroll engine can produce payroll in seconds. View data after its generated, make any edits needed. Close payroll once finalized.


Government Reporting in a snap

You can produce government reports for filing directly from the system. Select the government agency, whether SSS, Philhealth, HDMF or even BIR reports, Salarum has you covered. Make edits to reports if there are changes between payroll and submission quickly and easily.

Role Based Access Guards Your Data

Your employee data is one of your most valuable assets. Ensure its security with our Role Based Access Control. Define custom roles and permissions depending on your needs. Each role can be restricted by module and can be limited to only accessing a specific scope such as payroll group, team, or department.

  • Define unlimited custom roles

  • Give access to modules and permission like view, edit or delete

  • Separate roles can be assigned per company