Never stress about payroll again

Salarium’s easy to use payroll software was built to make sure that HR never need to lose sleep reaching payroll deadlines

Straightforward and simple, Salarium’s payroll is built for any business

Generate payroll for 1000s of employees in 3 clicks

Our automated payroll system is user-friendly and easy to use. From the login dashboard to generating payroll, it can be done in as few as 3 clicks and 15 seconds.

Process all your employees together in 1 payroll group

Salarium is intelligent enough to process payroll for full-time, part-time, contractual, probationary, and minimum wage earners (with all the tax rules) in one payroll group. Our system will sort it out so you don’t have to.

Clear, easy to read payroll overview

View an overview report or drill down into each employee to view how their payroll calculation was done

Government forms filled out automatically

Stress no more about filling out various government forms

Salarium offers standardized government forms for payroll. You no longer have to worry about committing errors in your forms with our automated payroll software.

Creating and printing out payslips is a time consuming process. Salarium automatically generates all payslips after payroll is run and sends them directly to each employee so there’s no need for employees to ask for them.

Once your payroll has run we will automatically fill in the BIR forms for every employee, making it very easy for you to comply with tax regulations.

Once your payroll has run we will automatically fill in the SSS forms for every employee, making it very easy for you to submit SSS reports for every employee.

Employers and HR are required to remit deductions to Pag-ibig monthly for each employee. We take care of filling out all the remittance forms for easy documentation and remit the money automatically after payroll is run.

HR admins may utilize downloadable reports after every payroll. This can be used in any way possible – you can filter what you want to see within a payroll report and export it as a CSV or Excel file to share with your team.

Tailor-fit Salarium to your company’s needs

Our system is custom built for your business

Every company is inevitably different.  We have designed Salarium in a way that companies can personalize their payroll process according to their needs and employment setup. Whether you need multiple groups of employees getting paid separately (payroll groups) on customized payroll dates, or a custom bonus for employees (income types), we have got you covered with our easily customize-able payroll software.

Manage who, when, and how much will employees get paid for:

Payroll groups let you create groups of  employees to assign payroll settings, such as salary, payroll date, and 13th month pay.

This let’s you easily control how you pay departments in your company and manage cases such as night shift workers.

We take care of deductions automatically for you

Whether it’s government contributions or deductions based on tardiness or unexcused absences, our system will take care of considering all these factors automatically when you run your payroll.

Assign and remember your employees’ extra pay

Salarium automatically calculates all the complex formulas for commission schemes, bonuses, and allowances. No more need for manual computing and checking.

Identify the reimbursable expense

Reimbursements can be tricky and can take a long time to request and get approval on. With Salarium, you can define the expenses ahead that employees can reimburse. Once it’s been set up, your employees can submit their company expenses and request reimbursements via their payroll one it’s been approved.

Provide extra assistance to your employee through loan application

Easily customize your loan application process by defining the different types of loans your employees can apply for.

See how we speed up your work