Payroll automation for retail businesses

The payroll solution for small and big retailers

The retailing industry has the biggest number of employment in the Philippines. With its continuous expansion, employment has been on a massive increase for big and small retailers. Because of huge employee staffings within the industry especially in malls, the payroll process needs to be seamless.

Salarium understands and helps businesses in the industry very well in that aspect. With our holistic and free payroll suite, any retailing business regardless of size, can have their payroll conveniently and accurately automated.

This is how we help you

Payroll Calculations

Salarium processes payroll for thousands of employees in just a few minutes – automatically deducting taxes and government contributions like SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig, while sending customized payslips. This module will aid HR in the retail industry who manage thousands of employees.


Time Tracking

Our time tracking applications automate monitoring of employee attendance and strameline leave management for any retail in the Philippines. Salarium removes the manual time and attendance methods which are prone to error and fraud and links directly to your automatically calculated payroll.


Salary Disbursements

SAL Pay is the most efficient and secure salary disbursement system. Our mobile payments app enables you to pay your employees at any time, anywhere in the world and in the Philippines – instantly with just one click. This is ideal for employees working in retail who want flexibility and ease in using their wages.


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