Keep Track Securely of
Important Employee Data

Salarium’s employee module tracks and stores key information on your most important asset.

Over 150 Data Points on Each Team Member

Salarium keeps track and stores employee data over time saving 1,000s of trees in the process.

  • Pay Changes Over Time

  • Loans & Deductions



  • Allowances & Bonuses
  • Year to date totals

Make changes quickly and easily


Batch Update Information

Update over 150 data points on employees with a simple batch update process. Or alternatively manage information on individual team members when needed.

Make announcements to your whole team

Publish Announcements

Broadcast messages to all of your team or select groups. Enforce read receipts and ask for replies to ensure messages are received.

Security Control to Guard your Data

Custom Role Based Access

Salarium enables you to create custom roles within your organization enabling you to limit team members access to data in the system. You can limit access based on department, team, payroll group, position or even individual members.