Salarium Webinar Series

Setup & Go Live in 5 Days!!

Salarium is a powerful time and payroll tool. With 100s of configurations to make payday an ease. Its also simple enough that it can be setup by most Small and Medium companies in just 5 days.

Getting Started
Sign up to Clock-in

Adding Admins
Setting Permissions
Adding Employees
Adding Basic Schedules
Employee Clock-in

Every Monday

1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Time & Attendance

Creating and Assigning Workflows
Creating Custom Schedule - Fixed and Flexi Teams
Assigning Shifts
Attendance Computation

Every Tuesday

1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Payroll 101

Adding Payroll Items
Generating Regular Payroll
Generate and Sending Payslips

Every Wednesday

1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Payroll 202
Account Management

Generating Special Pay Run
Termination Process to Final Pay Run
Annual Earnings
BIR 2316
Manage Companies
SALPay Integration
Role-Based Access Control
Subscriptions, Licenses, Invoices

Every Thursday

1 Hour and 30 Minutes

SALPay for Business

Creating Payouts Outside Payroll
Order Card Credits
Inviting and Managing Payees
Adding Administrators

Every Friday

1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Previously Recorded

Payroll 202 | Account Management