Salarium Webinar Series

Setup & Go Live in 30 Minutes!!

Getting Started
Sign up to Clock-in

Adding Admins
Setting Permissions
Adding Employees
Adding Basic Schedules
Employee Clock-in

Daily Session

Starts at 10:00 AM Every Weekday

30 Minutes

Time & Attendance

Creating and Assigning Workflows
Creating Custom Schedule - Fixed and Flexi Teams
Assigning Shifts
Attendance Computation

Every Tuesday

Starts at 1:00 PM

30 Minutes

Payroll 101

Adding Payroll Items
Generating Regular Payroll
Generate and Sending Payslips

Every Wednesday

Starts at 1:00 PM

30 Minutes

Payroll 202
Account Management

Generating Special Pay Run
Termination Process to Final Pay Run
Annual Earnings
BIR 2316
Manage Companies
SALPay Integration
Role-Based Access Control
Subscriptions, Licenses, Invoices

Every Thursday

Starts at 1:00 PM

30 Minutes

SALPay for Business

Creating Payouts Outside Payroll
Order Card Credits
Inviting and Managing Payees
Adding Administrators

Every Friday

Starts at 1:00 PM

30 Minutes

Previously Recorded

Payroll 202 | Account Management