Frequently Asked Questions

Salarium’s Payroll & HR FAQ

What are the enterprise options?

For large businesses we offer custom pricing plans and customization, such as custom security protocol & connects, additional features and integrations with your systems.

In which countries is Salarium available?

Salarium is currently only set up in the Philippines and is not yet usable for calculating payroll for other countries due to different employee and tax regulations in each country. We are looking to expand to other countries in the future.

What’s included in Salarium?

Your Salarium subscription includes the SAL Time module, which tracks time and attendance, the SAL Payroll module, which processes your payroll and SAL Pay, which is our salary disbursement method and personal payments app for your employees.

Is Salarium really free?

Yes, Salarium’s payroll & HR software is free when you are disbursing the salaries of your employee’s via our payments app SAL Pay.

Salarium usually costs $5 per user, however every employee paid via SAL Pay does not cost those $5. If you disburse at least 90% of all your employees via SAL Pay, then Salarium is 100% free.
Instead of paying $5 per month per employee, every employee disbursement will cost you 25 PHP instead, which amounts to 50 PHP for semi-monthly pay runs – using Salarium with SAL Pay saves 80% of the cost of our Salarium subscription fee.

How much does Salarium cost per employee?

Salarium costs $5 per user per month.  However, any employees whose salaries you disburse via SAL Pay at least once in the last 35 days are free.  In addition, if you disburse at least 90% of your employees’ salaries via SAL Pay at least once in the last 35 days, you will not be charged for Salarium at all.

Who can we contact for more details? How can we schedule a demo/meeting?

You can contact our Sales Team via the chat bubble on the bottom right, or you can send an email to

Do you help managing our payroll as a service?

No, we only offer our software as a service. Our online based payroll & HR software helps you optimize and automate your processes. You will need to enter your company and employee details, after which payroll generation during pay day is as easy as clicking a button.

Can I use Salarium as a small business?

Yes, Salarium would be perfect for small businesses.  There is no minimum amount of employees required to use Salarium.

Can I control who’s able to disburse salaries? Can I have multiple admins managing payroll?

Yes, you can have multiple admins managing your payroll. These must currently be admins of your account.

SAL Pay Corporate Account Users can do the following:

  • Load funds into the account wallet
  • Disburse funds from the account wallet
  • View the account’s transaction history
  • Link a SAL Pay Corporate Account to a company
  • Unlink a SAL Pay Corporate Account from a company

How can I pay? Can I pay upfront for several months?

Salarium charges a monthly fee of $5 for every active user at the end of your monthly payment cycle. It is currently not possible to pay upfront.

Our company is not from the Philippines but has employees from the Philippines. Can we pay our employees/freelancers/contracts that are working in the Philippines?

Yes, you can pay your employees in the Philippines either via SAL Pay, our disbursement system, through with your employees have access to their funds via a Debit Mastercard, or via bank transfer, for which Salarium can provide the banking instructions.

Is Salarium available offline as an app?

No, Salarium is cloud-based, so you will need an internet connection to access Salarium.

Which devices does Salarium support?

For the entire Salarium admin suite, Salarium supports desktops, laptops and tablets only with a minimum resolution of 1366 x 768.  Our Employee Self Service portal is available on mobile, tablet and desktop.

For our SAL Clock In app, you will need a 7+ inch tablet running Android 4.0+
For our SAL Pay app, employees will need a smartphone running Android 4.0+ or iOS 8.

Is bank transfer in real time?

No, bank transfers do not happen in real time. Transfers initiated before 12:30PM will be processed on the same day, and the funds should be available in the destination account by the end of the business day. Transfers initiated after 12:30PM will be processed by the end of the next business day.

Can I customize Salarium?

Yes, Salarium can be customized per your company specifics, to include employee schedules, government contribution settings, payroll frequencies, employment types, ranks and departments, among other settings.

Salarium’s Time Attendance FAQ

Which clock in methods are available? Do you support facial recognition?

Employees can clock in using our biometric devices, which include a fingerprint scanner, or using our SAL Clock In app installed on an Android tablet, which uses a PIN-based system.  In addition, employees can clock in using the web bundy on their Employee Self Service portal.  No, we currently do not support facial recognition.

Can we use timesheets & clock in at the same time?

No, you can use either Time Records, which are created when you clock in, or Hours Worked, which are either entered by the admin, or entered by the employee and approved by his Timesheet approver.  If both are entered, the system will only take Hours Worked into consideration and disregard Time Records.

Can Salarium integrate with our existing biometric device?

Not directly.  However, if you can export Time Records from your existing biometric device and put the records in a format that Salarium accepts, you can upload the Time Records from your existing device into Salarium.

Are there any fees when buying and implementing biometrics devices?

Yes, we have a variety of biometric devices that you can purchase at different price points.  Please take a look at our Product sheet for more information.  There are no fees to install the biometric device.  You will simply need to connect it to your internet connection, download our Clock In app and log in to your account using the app.

Does Salarium have job application tracking features?

No, Salarium currently does not have job application tracking features, but this is something that is in our future pipeline.

Salarium’s SAL Pay FAQ

What are the fees associated with the SAL Pay Debit Mastercard?

ATM withdrawals are free for the first two withdrawals in the calendar month.  Each withdrawal thereafter will cost 12 PHP.

Balance inquiries via ATM are 3 PHP per inquiry, but Balance inquiries via the Employee Self Service portal or the SAL Pay App are free.  POS transactions and online purchases are free of any service charges.

How can we fund/load our SAL Pay Corporate account?

You can deposit money into one of our many bank accounts, which will then be credited to your SAL Pay account.

In the SAL Pay section of Salarium, click Load Funds and select the bank through which you will make a deposit. This will then present you the account details to deposit into.

Make the deposit, then fill out the Load Funds form and attach your deposit slip.

Deposits made before 3pm on a business day will reflect in your account on the same day.  Deposits made after 3pm will reflect in your account on the next business day.

Are there any processing or ATM fees?

Yes. The fees are as follows:

  • Account Creation – PHP500 (includes the Mastercard debit card, delivery and administration charges)
  • Disbursement to employees – PHP25 per employee
  • Deposits to SAL Pay Corporate account – Free
  • Card replacement fee – PHP500

ATM Debit Card fees are as follows:

Within the Philippines:

  • Balance inquiry via local ATM – PHP3
  • Balance inquiry via POS Terminal – Free
  • Local ATM withdrawal (Bancnet or Megalink) – Free/PHP12

Outside the Philippines

  • Balance inquiry via an ATM that accepts Mastercard – PHP50
  • International ATM withdrawal via an ATM that accepts Mastercard – PHP150

What are the ATM withdrawal limits?

Once your employees have verified their identification, they can withdraw up to PHP50,000 per day.  They can withdraw a maximum of 5 times per day.

Are there any limitations with SAL Pay?

SAL Pay has daily withdrawal limits, as follows:

Maximum withdrawal amount of 50000 PHP per day

Maximum 5 withdrawals via ATM per day

Bank Transfers are limited to 80000 PHP per day.

In addition, The maximum aggregate amount that can be withdrawn from your account is 100000 PHP daily and 500000 PHP monthly.  This includes bank transfers, ATM withdrawals, load purchases, online purchases, POS transactions and fees.

How can my employees load their SAL Pay account?

Your employees cannot load their SAL Pay accounts.  The funds in their SAL Pay accounts are only their salaries disbursed from SAL Pay.

Is it possible to transfer from a SAL Pay account to a bank?

Yes, users can transfer funds from their SAL Pay accounts to the major banks in the Philippines.  This can be done either through the Employee Self Service portal or the SAL Pay app. Bank transfers have a 45 PHP service fee. Transfers initiated before 12:30PM will be processed on the same day, and the funds should be available in the destination account by the end of the business day. Transfers initiated after 12:30PM will be processed on the next business day.

Does SAL Pay come with transaction fees?

Yes, the fees are as follows:

  • Account Creation – Php500 (includes the Mastercard debit card, delivery charges and administration charges)
  • Disbursement to Employees – Php25 per employee
  • Deposits to SAL Pay Corporate Account – Free
  • Card Replacement Fee – Php500

What are the requirements for using SAL Pay?

To use SAL Pay, you will need to create a SAL Pay Corporate account and submit verification documents.  The documents are as follows:

  • SEC Registration, Articles and By Laws or DTI Registration
  • General Information Sheet (GIS)
  • BIR 2303 Certificate of Registration
  • Audited Financial Statement
  • Business Permit
  • Notarized Secretary’s Certificate
  • Merchant Application Form
  • Authorized Representative ID
  • Principal Officer/Owner ID
  • Principal Officer ID
  • Implementing Agreement

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