The Department of Health (DOH) emphasized that prevention is still the most effective intervention against COVID-19.

DOH COVID-19 Interim Guidelines

Use of face masks and face shields are now mandatory in public places and workplaces based on the health and safety guidelines released by the Department of Health in partnership with the Department of Transportation.

In Memorandum Circular No. 2020-014 released last August 04, 2020, the Department of Transportation through its Administrative Service, has ordered all officials and heads of its various transportation sectors to enjoin, within their respective jurisdictions, the mandatory wearing of face shields for all passengers in areas where public transportation is allowed.

This requires commuters to wear face shields along with face masks in public places starting August 15.

The initiative aims to further reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus disease in public transport facilities as health authorities have pointed out that wearing of face masks and shields, aside from physical distancing, effectively reduces the transmission of the coronavirus disease by as much as 99%.

Preventive measures along with the new order of mandatory wearing of face shields are still in effect to contain the spread of the COVID-19 . These include the mandatory wearing of face masks, strict enforcement of social distancing measures, and hand washing or hand sanitizing. Talking and use of mobile phones are likewise discouraged inside all public transportations.


Safety and health standards shall be implemented in all workplaces aligned with the objectives of the minimum health standards of the Department of Health.

Reducing the transmission of COVID-19 in workplaces

facepass safety protocols workplace safe

Prior to entrance in buildings and workplaces

  1. All employers and workers shall wear face masks at all times and remove the same only when eating or drinking.

  2. Accomplish daily health questionnaires and submit to the guard or designated safety officer prior to entry.

  3. Temperatures must be checked and recorded in the health symptoms questionnaire. For any personnel with temperature > 37.5 degrees celsius, even after a five-minute rest, or if their response to the questionnaire needs further evaluation, the person shall be isolated in an area identified by the company and not allowed to enter the premises.

  4. If there will be a long queue outside the office or store premises, roving officers should instill physical distancing of one meter.

Inside the workplace

  1. All work areas and frequently handled objects such as door knobs and handles, shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly, at least once every two hours.

  2. All washrooms and toilets shall have sufficient clean water and soap. Workers are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth.

  3. Sanitizers shall be made available in corridors, conference areas, elevators, stairways, and areas where workers pass.

  4. Workers, whether in workstations or operations areas, shall always practice physical distancing at the minimum of one meter radius space between each other. Eating in communal areas is strictly discouraged.

  5. Canteens and kitchens should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Minimize contact rate

  1. Alternative work arrangements such as working-hour shifts, work from home (WFH) where feasible, and on rotation basis is highly encouraged.

  2. Prolonged face-to-face interaction between workers and with clients are discouraged and masks shall be worn at all times and not removed. Meetings needing physical presence shall be kept to a minimum number of participants with limited meeting duration. Video conferencing shall be utilized for lengthy discussions among workers.

  3. Office tables should be arranged in order to maintain physical distancing. Barriers may be provided between tables.

  4. Online systems shall be highly encouraged for clients needing assistance from offices including the use of videoconferencing.

  5. Roving officers shall always ensure physical distancing and observance of minimum health protocols.



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