Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology

S.A.F.E. Tech (Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology) is the advanced facial recognition biometric device that powers Salarium’s FacePass Touchless Time & Attendance Solution.

Seamlessly integrated into Salarium’s Timekeeping System, it can be configured to require your employees to wear their facemasks and be in the normal temperature before recording their Time-Ins and Time-Outs. Its superior facial recognition capacity can accurately identify an employee in a second, even with his/her facemask and face shield on.

Accurately monitor time and attendance in REAL-TIME without physical contact

S.A.F.E Tech records your employees’ clock-ins and outs in real-time via facial recognition. The device has People Flow Detection which can detect 5 moving persons at the same time within the 5-meter range. It recognizes an employee within 0.7 second within 2-meters.

Enforce the primary safety protocol

S.A.F.E Tech can require your employees to wear their facemasks. The device has a Speak Screen that reminds your employees to wear a mask before entering the premises. It uses a Binocular Living Camera, a dual-lens camera that detects face ID with 99.8% accuracy, even with facemasks and face shields on.

Detect one of the most common infection symptoms

S.A.F.E. Tech uses thermal body imaging to read body temperature. The device sets off an alarm once it detects a person with the body temperature exceeding the prescribed limit.

Face scanning device parts

S.A.F.E Tech Specifications



Can store 20,000 Face ID

Size and Weight

234mm (L) x 12mm (W) x 24.5 (H)

3 kilograms (device only)


IPS LCD Display

8-inch screen display, wide-angle view


DC12V (±10%) Power Supply
10 W Max Power Consumption


Body Temperature Scanner

Binocular Living Person Detector Camera


System Requirements

Wired connection: LAN cable connected

Wireless connection: 2.4 G Wi-Fi

Cellular Network: 4G Connection (optional)

Salarium Time and Attendance Module System Integration