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Human resource departments are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and accuracy, including reducing paperwork, streamlining employee data, and managing payroll and benefits. They always look for ways to increase efficiency and provide better employee services.

Employee Self Service is an online-based application that enables employees to access their own accounts and make changes to their HR, payroll, and benefits information. An Employee Self Service Software, if made available, can help employees when it comes to updating their personal data, skill sets, benefits enrollment, as well as access to a wide array of helpful tools and resources.

This will thereby relieve the HR with a number of activities which will lead them to have more time focusing on more strategic issues that have a bearing on the company’s business. By deploying cloud based HR systems that offer employee self service, the entire organization benefits. Hence, it is now vital that businesses and organizations start embracing a culture of employee engagement.

Benefits of having an Employee Self Service System

Employee self service system

Cost Effective

The cost savings associated with ESS extend into many areas of your business. WIth ESS, all the hours spent on accessing and updating employee data would be eliminated, allowing more time for improving the work environment and saving money on workforce related costs. Bottomline is, having an ESS can boost your businesses through increased productivity, time and energy savings, and most importantly, increased compliance.

Employee Control and Engagement

When you give employees the ability to access and update their own data, not only does this save a lot of time and money for the company, it also benefits employees with more accurate, transparent, and timely information. Who wouldn’t want everything related to their employment right at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere?

Accuracy of Information

Employee Self-Service helps eliminate duplicate data entry and increase record-keeping accuracy by allowing employees to check and change their data. Employees can update their own information, including certifications, emergency contacts, addresses, and phone numbers. Getting information directly from the source increases efficiency and reduces errors. ESS also gives employees one source for all company information, such as handbooks, policies, and announcements, cutting down on confusion and miscommunication.

Reduced Workload

Employee Self Service system gives an easy way to reduce the workloads of human resource management. Since the control of employee’s data is transferred to the employee with ESS, HR managers can focus on other important aspects that can lead to the growth of the business.

Enhanced Security

An employee self service system grants special privileges to the employees to modify their details. However, to avoid the risk of misusing this system, employers can restrict their functionality. For example; the employer can disable certain fields from being modified by the employees. This provides the employer an enhanced security while giving restricted controls to the employees.


Simple and straightforward.

Employees can effortlessly click their way around Salarium for a variety of purposes, such as to view their payslips or pay data, to check their leave balances, to file overtime requests, or to monitor their own attendance.

Your employees will be amazed at how easily they can use and navigate Salarium. Having helped companies from the manufacturing to the software development industries, our system proves to be friendly to all types of users.



Welcome your employees into a safer office with our Touchless Time and Attendance Solution.

Touchless time and attendance

Your Complete Timekeeping Needs for the New Normal and Beyond

Significantly reduce physical contact without sacrificing convenience and efficiency with FacePass: a Touchless Time & Attendance Solution powered by S.A.F.E. Tech (Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology).

FacePass combines S.A.F.E. Tech, a superior Touchless Facial Recognition Device, with Salarium’s complete and customizable online Time and Attendance System to meet ALL your timekeeping needs.

Attendance capture

ESS Features:

Mobile-Friendly Employee Self Service (ESS) System

FacePass comes with Salarium ESS, which allows your employees to access their records: time and attendance, shift schedules, leaves, overtimes, and under times via any device, so they can view it anytime and anywhere.


View your payslips from now until forever. Salarium records payslip viewing to comply with labor laws. Automatically deliver payslips to your employees’ dashboard and give them the freedom to print their payslips or save them for future reference.

This feature enables companies to be compliant with DOLE directive requiring companies to ensure employees have a copy of their payslips. Salarium provides a venue for employees to view their payslips electronically. Once the employee views the payslip, Salarium records the time, date, and IP address where the employee accessed the payslip. A report can be generated and may be presented as proof whenever needed.

Custom Approval Workflows

Salarium enables its users to have a transparent view of their requests and approvals. File overtimes and leave requests and monitor their statuses. Managers are notified through email when requests are made and can log in to view those requests using any device wherever they are. They can approve or deny them in just one click. They also have the access to filter settings which allow them to approve requests in bulk or one by one. Your company can build as many workflows as you need and apply them to your employees with ease.

Audit Trail

We perfectly understand that when a system has many users, permissions and records of changes are important to ensure data integrity and smooth operations. Make sure all changes and updates are tracked. All edits, additions, deletions and viewings in Salarium are stored for auditing purposes.Records are kept in a read-only log that can be accessed or downloaded when needed.

Other Features:

Touchless and Accurate Time and Attendance Monitoring

S.A.F.E Tech’s Time Save records your employees’ clock-ins and outs in real-time via facial recognition. It’s integrated into Salarium’s Transparent Timekeeping module, which enables you to create, manage, and customize your own shifts and schedules. Administer, control, and maintain overtimes, undertimes, and leaves. And accomplish and complete attendance reports instantly.

Highly Configurable Time and Attendance System

Implementing rotational shifts for skeletal workforce? FacePass works with other Salarium’s Timekeeping Methods such as our mobile-friendly Web Bundy, so you can monitor your employees WHEREVER they work—office or at home.

24/7 Customer Support

Salarium is committed to providing you superior client support, so we can immediately accommodate your specific needs in detail. Our Support Team is composed of live people you can talk to 24/7, whether through chat, call, or email.

Fully Integratable into Salarium Payroll + SALPay Payout

All in one bundle