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Touchless Time and Attendance Solutions

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The Complete Timekeeping for Your New Normal and Beyond

FacePass brings you an advanced touchless facial recognition device that can detect facemasks and scan body temperature, S.A.F.E Tech, that is seamlessly integrated into a complete and customizable Time and Attendance System to meet all your timekeeping needs in the new normal and beyond!

S.A.F.E Tech (Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology) records attendance, detects facemasks, and scans body temperature in seconds—all at the same time and without the need for physical contact.

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Safety and Convenience with S.A.F.E. Tech

Accurately record clock-ins and outs of your employees in seconds, without the need for physical contact.

  • Touchless clock-ins and clock-outs in real-time via facial recognition
  • Temperature scanning
  • Facemask detection
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Efficiency and Flexibility with Salarium Time and Attendance System

  • Create, Track, and Manage Shifts and Schedules
  • Manage Overtimes, Undertimes, and Leaves
  • Complete Attendance Reports Instantly

FacePass works with other Salarium timekeeping methods so you can monitor your employees’ time and attendance while keeping them safe WHEREVER they work—office or at home.

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Transparency with Salarium’s Mobile-Friendly Employee Self Service (ESS) System

Our ESS allows your employees to access all their time records: time and attendance, shift schedules, leaves, overtimes and undertimes via any device, so they can view it anytime and anywhere.a

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