Empower your

Salarium Employee Self Service
let's your team access their tools

Employees can file requests from their mobile phones

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With Salarium's Employee Self Service portal or ESS, employees and team members can have quick access to their payslips, schedules and leave balances. ESS is designed to work from an smart phone but is available on any PC or desktop computer.

  • Check payslip and profile information


  • Calendar with schedules shifts

  • File overtime and undertime requests

View Schedule and Logged Times


Team members know when they're scheduled

Employees and team members can view their scheduled shifts anytime through their ESS. They can request shift changes directly from the within the calendar and send these through your workflows. Making schedule viewing simple and easy.

Keep track of payslips from now until Forever

Quick-to-produce payslips to Generate thousands of payslips in 3 clicks and send them directly to employees

Payslips can always be accessed

Published payslips are stored forever and can be accessed by the user as long as you let them. Even post separation from the company, users can still be granted access to view past payslips and check government contributions.

Let employees file their own requests and track their progress

In Salarium companies can build custom workflows with multiple levels and approver per level. These workflows can be assigned to team members when submitting requests. Workflow approvers can be users in the system and approve across multiple companies and entities in the account.

  • Shift Change
  • Over Time
  • Time Correction
  • Under Time
  • Loans
  • Leave

Let Team Leaders Monitor Attendance


Create Custom Teams

Allow companies to create unstructured groups within an organization, however they want. Teams lets you create a team comprised of any members and a team leader. Team leaders can be given access to monitor the attendance of team members and manage their shifts.

The perfect solution for Supervisors and Team Leads.

Audit trail to track your changes

HR Audit Trail to Make sure all changes and updates are tracked

Track requests and changes with historical data

When keeping track or 100s of employees its easy to lose track of information. Salarium helps companies log their employee data and track changes made over time, helping businesses stay more compliant.