Amazing software is inspired by awesome people

We hire the best to build the best product

What’s it like at Salarium?

We are critical thinkers and innovators. At Salarium individuals matter – we build digital products followed by Agile and Lean principles with a strong focus on communication. We build products fast, in weekly sprints of development in order to iterate often and deliver true value to our customers.

Our culture is built on values

Quality is key

Building the best product can only be achieved by ensuring constant quality. There are no shortcuts to build a great product. Focusing on quality increases speed to market.

Focus on the user

User behaviors, opinions and  needs drive  product decisions. Continuously learning what our users need is crucial to build the best product for the problems we are solving.

Empower people

We foster an environment for our employees where they are empowered to grow their personal skills and knowledge in order to be proficient in what they care about.

Collaborative teams

Everything we do happens in teams and is an collaborative effort to move towards our goals. Obstacles are a chance for us to support each other and grow as a team.

There are no secrets

Everyone knows what our high level goals as a company are and what projects are being worked on. Continuous dialog leads to shared understanding to build great products.

What’s our purpose?

To improve people’s lives in developing countries with something as simple as payroll.  No, we’re not changing the world, however, we’re changing lives. Our payroll solution integrates directly with our e-wallet & payments app SAL Pay. This enables us to give people without bank accounts access to our state of the art banking app.

This helps them manage their finances. Clear visibility and control over your own finances have proven to increase personal wealth by at least 5%. We disburse the salaries of our customer’s employees directly into our app – a place where they can use their money wisely.

Intrigued? Apply for one of our job openings

DevOps Engineer

Full Time

Implement and build tools to enable not only development teams, but automate and enhance the overall operational environment.


Sales Manager

Full Time

Be responsible for maximizing our sales team’s potential, crafting sales plans and justifying those plans to the upper management.


WordPress Developer

Full Time

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Continuous learning rocks

We’re a startup and we love learning new things. You should probably have read a few of those books.

Can’t find your job position? We’re always looking for great people.

Our team always welcomes you if you’re a…

UX/UI Designerner

Product Manager

Business Analyst

QA Engineer

Backend Developer

Frontend Developer

Android Developer

iOS Developer

Wordpress Developer

Sales Manager

Customer Support