Salarium derives its name from the Latin word for “salary,” “soldier,” and “salt,”’ which all have the same root word: "Sala."

In ancient Rome, soldiers were paid their salaries in salt, which at that time was valued more than gold.

Our Vision

Salarium aims to be the go-to payroll solution for any business located in Southeast Asia by providing a cutting edge enterprise payroll software at a price point that can be availed by any business. By using a multi-module system, we help companies automate payroll from punch-in to payout.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with an unrivaled and affordable solution that ultimately leads to a financial inclusion of their companies and staff through our products.



We are constantly striving to meet changing industry needs. The HR and technology landscapes are rapidly evolving. Our organization invests heavily in research and development as well as in continuous operational improvement to make sure that we can meet the challenges of the future.


We’re passionate about delighting our users. Our products and services are meant to provide efficiency and ease in running the HR department of businesses of any size. Our employee interactions are meant to be easy and to help human resources maximize their value to their companies.


Quality is at the core of everything that we do. Salarium understands the responsibility that clients place in our company, and we do whatever we can to treat it with the level of service that it requires. Our software and operational processes are constantly being reviewed for continuous improvement and quality management.


Payroll, payment, taxes, and calculation are inherently complicated. We aim to remove the complexity that those words convey. Simplifying payroll can be daunting, but it’s possible. We want to empower our customers to understand and to master complex business processes.




Company incorporated in Hong Kong and Philippines. SAL Time, Attendance, and Payroll released


Singapore Company incorporated Salarium Payments Corporation Philippines



200 Companies using the platform SALPay App is launched, SALPay App is released for Android and iOS

Salarium wins Seedstars World competition in Switzerland. Beating 2,000 startups for the top spots


Salarium Insurance & Salarium Payments Inc.

Salarium receives authorisation from the Central Bank of the Philippines to begin running SALPay