Biometrics: Can It Help Drive Payroll Productivity?

Biometrics: Can It Help Drive Payroll Productivity?

In most small-and-medium companies, payroll takes the cake for the most sensitive, time-intensive work. Kanken Big More often than not, it also incurs the most expenses. There are a lot of things that could go wrong in the process, and many are out of the accountants’ control.

Forbes mentions payroll fraud to be a key culprit in many businesses. chaussure de tennis asics Rucksäcke von Fjällräven This includes time theft and buddy-punching. adidas yeezy boost The former is the act of logging in and then skipping work. nike x fragment The latter involves logging in on behalf of another, who may not even be in the office.

Biometrics, a Small Step Towards Motivation

One of the advantages of having a payroll automation software is that it increases motivation and boosts productiviry.

Payroll automation includes the use of biometric logs (often fingerprints) as a means to track employee activity. Fjallraven Kanken Big Because of this, it is nigh-impossible to commit time theft and buddy-punching. adidas yeezy boost Adidas Running Here are some of its benefits.

When a biometric system is in place, HR managers can very easily track employee activity.

Convenience and Accessibility

Biometric systems can easily be consilidated into any payroll software. Because of this, the managers can see trends and all sorts of information in a single click. A readable format of the data can easily be exported for documentation and data analysis.

Real-time Monitoring

Through the biometric system, the company will easily know who is coming in late, and who goes out early. This also sheds light on the number of employees exceeding their allotted break times and also allows the managers to easily track leaves, time offs, and other scheduling movements.


Biometric systems also make things easier for the workers. adidas pas cher There’s less time needed to place a finger on a sensor than to find and punch in a time card. Fjällräven Rucksäcke Unlike some companies who still use manual log sheets, the process can take longer, plus the fact that it can easily be spoofed. ugg australia bottes That’s less time spent in logging hours, and more time spent doing real work.


Another great benefit of biometrics concerns the company’s savings. fjallraven kanken rucksack Biometric systems do not require heavy investment. nike air presto soldes It pays for itself in time, saving the company valuable resources in the long run. chaussures ugg pour femme Biometric systems are a holistic solution, and is a must for every company. Such a change is self-sustaining, and (unlike most other company-related changes) does not pose any adverse impact on the employees’ workflow. Kanken Mochilas It is an important leg up in keeping a handle on the business.

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