Creative Ways of Motivating Employees

Creative Ways of Motivating Employees

Researchers at the Harvard Business School suggest that workers have three major motivations: to be treated with respect and equity, to take pride in a job well done, and to have good relationships with fellow employees. Kånken Rucksack (Source: Lifehacker) It was observed that even if just one of those three components are lacking, an employee would lack the passion and drive for work, and might even consider jumping ship to another company. Going by these principles, here are some creative tips for motivating people in the workplace.

Give Unexpected Rewards for a Job Well Done

Nothing says “Job well done!” better than an accompanying gift when they least expect it. Of course, such recognition should be for the accomplishment of difficult task, such as securing a new client; not if the employee had just answered a phone call or something. Fjällräven Kånken The reward doesn’t have to be expensive at all, it can be something which can boost the employee’s productivity or help him work better. ugg grise More than the reward itself, what is more important is it what it represents – that the employee is valued for his contributions to the company. Fjallraven Kanken mini This positive input would motivate the employee and inspire him to do better in his future tasks. Fjallraven Kanken Mochilas

Bonding Time with Employees

Since employees spend most of his their waking hours at the workplace, it’s important that they get along and have great chemistry. The more bonded they are with one another, the better they can function as an efficient and cohesive team. asics nimbus Thus, the HR must see to it that team building sessions and retreats are held every once in a while. Mochilas Kanken It’s also a welcome change of scenery outside of the office environment; clearer heads would result to a boost in productivity and office morale.

Balance Work with Play

It’s also a good idea to provide a game room where employees can relax and unwind. Just ask Google — with rooms filled with arcade machines, slides, and sports facilities, no wonder it’s the ultimate dream job of any employee. (Time to stop daydreaming now, wake up!) Since not every company has the budget of spending on such luxuries, a simple game room will do wonders in de-stressing even the most frazzled employee. fjallraven kanken classic By providing opportunities for employees to balance work with fun, they’ll be motivated in the long run. ugg australia pas cher

Relax Overly Strict Rules

Rules and regulations are a must for every office, but too much strictness would result to contemptuous and unmotivated employees. Consider revising rules which hinder efficiency and growth. nike air max 90 In every work or task, employees must be able to apply creative solutions in resolving their tasks. These are humans after all, not factory robots.

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