Telecommuting and Work from Home Policies

Telecommuting and Work from Home Policies

Telecommuting, otherwise known as remote work, is a work arrangement where employees do not need to go to the office to get work done. asics gel lyte 3 This may sound like quite a radical change on the part of the employer, who seemingly has no supervision or control over the working hours of his employees. However, telecommuting is actually quite a beneficial setup for some offices if the proper policies and groundwork are laid out. If your office is looking into Work from Home policies, here are three solid guidelines to get you started.

Determine if your office output can be telecommuted.

This is the most basic and foundation step. Not all businesses can be telecommuted; such as work which requires personal interaction with the client, if it depends on constant collaboration from its employees, or if it inherently needs the resources of an office setup. nike air max soldes By way of really obvious examples, doctors can’t work from home of course because they need to examine and attend to their patients personally. Similarly, accounts with voluminous paperwork need to be done at the office because filing, photocopying, and the like require resources that only an office setup can fully cater to. On the other hand, output or result based work such as creative projects, website design, article writing and the like are susceptible of being telecommuted because productive output in these projects are not dependent on being landlocked at the office. adidas chaussures

Create a solid written telecommuting policy.

In any business, results are what matter. But how can the employer quantifiably measure results when supervision is taken out of the equation? The company thus needs a written telecommuting policy which ensures that the employer and the employee are eye to eye when it comes to work expectations. Work hours must be thoroughly defined, and project updates must constantly be communicated to the employer. Take note however that drafting a work from home policy is going to be tedious, because it should address each employee depending on his job description. For instance, the standards should be different for an article writer versus a website designer, since the latter requires a high speed internet connection to be able to upload large batches of files quickly. chaussure adidas It may be hard to set up at first, but having a good telecommuting policy will establish a clear boundary with the employees and will pay off in the long run.

Track the progress of your employees.

Having a telecommuting policy does not mean that you can just automatically rely on them and set your business on auto pilot. This may be possible if you’re running a factory line based business; but for most offices, results are going to be based on the productive output of the employees. Thus, there must be a procedure for tracking the progress of your employees. Be it a task based collaborative list like Asana or video conferencing through, what is important is that the employees are given the impression that their work still needs their undivided focus and attention. Your mileage may vary – the management and the HR should tweak and experiment in order to find out the best method of tracking the work progress of their employees. adidas femme has compiled an excellent list of 10 questions to ask before allowing employees to telecommute, you may check it out at this link.


Working from home is a privilege, and not a benefit to be abused by the worker. Solid rules and guidelines must thus be implemented to ensure that the work arrangement is favorable to both the employer and the employee.

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