Salarium Payroll System is a cloud-based payroll system that simplifies complex payroll processes without cutting corners.

Intelligent Solutions, Simplified

Here are some of the features of our Payroll System.

Automatic Payroll Processing

Salarium makes payroll processing simple and convenient. All in one tab, you can compute for employee salary, deduct taxes/government dues, and generate bank advice forms.

Employee Records Management

Attendance verification, keeping 201 files, and other major tasks are now easier for HR teams, thanks to Salarium's intuitive and intelligent design.

Employee Self-Service

Salarium’s Employee Self-Service makes it easier for employees to request loans, overtimes, expenses, and for managers to look over the form and make a decision.

Government Forms

Even government dues are auto-computed for you when you use Salarium’s Payroll Software. Every package includes downloadable government forms which are always up-to-date and available any time.


Salarium’s payroll system offers a range of customization options to make sure the system works exactly the way users need it to.

Multiple Time Entry

Salarium is an automated payroll system that supports multiple entry methods and compiles all data into one record per employee.

Check out more of the features here.


Salarium’s growing family of partners plays a crucial role in delivering our high quality services to a broader market. These highly trained professionals use our modules to provide the best results in auditing, taxation, business management and accounting to their customers.

Mobile Device Ready

Salarium is mobile device ready, allowing users to access their Payroll Accounts anytime, anywhere. All functions are available, making filing for time/out, leave, loans, and overtime possible via mobile. The supervisor or manager can also approve these things via mobile phone which calculates into the payroll runs. Worried about security? Its selfie and geofencing technology can restricts users to log in/out within the perimeters of the office, or the area set by the Payroll Administrator.


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